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Goals of SEO


Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search-Engine-Optimization and is the process of increasing the traffic to your website from organic, editorial, natural and free searches on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. As St. Louis SEO experts, we’ll drive traffic to your website, capture leads, build your customer base and optimize for conversions.

Search engines use complex algorithms to determine how you web pages and content rank against hundreds of others and assign you a location for various keywords.To keep the search engines happy, we continually optimize your website. This means we are optimizing content that already exists on your site and creating new and fresh optimized content. For example, if I searched for “frozen custard” on Google, the resulting list of frozen custard stores or distributors would appear in the order Google thought most relevant to the term (keyword) I searched for; in this case “frozen custard.”

On-page SEO

Three elements comprise on-page SEO: Content, HTML and Architecture. Each of these elements is affected by various factors and questions. Each is important, but those that are the most important are bolded and should be focused on.

  • Content factors: quality, research, words, engagement, freshness, thinness and presence of advertising
  • HTML factors: titles, meta description tags, headers, structure, stuffing and hidden elements
  • Architecture factors: crawl ability, duplication, speed, URLs, mobile ability and cloaking

Goals of SEO

Every client has a unique set of keywords specific to their business, and content is either built or optimized in order to increase your chances of appearing before your competitors. The ultimate goal of course is to get on the first page of Google when users input your relevant keywords, but other important goals of SEO include

  • Increase in the overall traffic to your website
  • Increase in clicks and impressions
  • Increase in Google Analytics sessions
  • Improved click through rate (CTR) of the website overall
  • Improved ranking across the search engine network

Every client is unique, so an SEO program is designed on a client-by-client basis. We take a look at what keywords are relevant to your company, analyze your current rankings and your competitors current rankings, research which keywords to optimize and focus on, and then develop a marketing strategy fit for your business needs and to achieve your goals.

Developing an SEO Program

  • Keywords and keyword ranking
  • Competitor comparisons
  • Back-linking opportunities
  • Client’s business type and business goals

Investing in a St. Louis SEO program is what will ultimately help drive traffic to your website, build your customer base and eventually help drive sales and revenue increases.

Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

Online advertising is fast becoming the go-to-platform in this digital marketing age as customers’ online presence continues transforms their shopping tendencies from in-store to on-demand. A successful online campaign is built off targeted keywords, engaging and relevant content, creative verbiage and sales knowledge. Working with a firm who is able to build a brand new campaign or optimize an existing one is the key to competing successfully in online advertising platforms. And, with the ability to promote your business through Google, Facebook, Twitter and more, it’s important to have experts at the helm.

Pay-per-click advertising is designed to get conversions and develop leads into profitable customers. Built off researched and carefully targeted keywords, our experts are able to manage advertising accounts and adjust them on an ongoing basis to meet your business goals within your budget. A good pay-per-click campaign reaches the customers you want to find, gains conversions on an ongoing basis and helps drive sales.

Online campaigns are built through AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote products and services, raise brand awareness, inform and engage new or current customers and ultimately drive sales and profits. Not every platform is appropriate for every business, so our experts work with you to determine the best strategy.

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