Case Study: Draco Mechanical Supply


Draco Mechanical Supply

A St. Louis based business with 45 years experience in manufacturing and distributing gaskets and associated sealing products throughout the Midwestern industrial market, DRACO Mechanical Supply came to us for a new website.

DRACO’s original site was emblematic of the early 90’s, with one solid background color, little to no images, unorganized and outdated content and very little organization or ability to navigate. The original site was not mobile friendly and also lacked SEO friendly URLs.

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“With a mechanical design base, the new site is informative, easy to navigate, invites users to calls of action and helps direct them where they need to go faster and easier.”

Approach to Logo Design

Draco Mechanical Supply came to us for a complete overhaul of their brand. Their website and logo hadn’t been changed since 2000, which basically gave us a blank slate to start from.

Their logo was more of a badge than a memorable mark, so they were open to ideas. For the logo and color palette, we took inspiration from their competitors, but added a graphic element to set them apart. From the logo, we tied in the color palette and a typographic system to create a consistent look for the entire website. To add a more personal and engaging element, we included bold photography and developed a subtle pattern based on the logo.


“The site is in place as to when we contact someone, they can see from our website we’re legit, perhaps larger than we really are.” -Ryan Jester


Approach to Digital Marketing

The website incorporates the logo into a pattern. We took the outdated website and made it bold and contemporary through high-quality photos, a layout suitable for larger screens, and improved typography. They were open to our direction, which made it a very smooth project.

“Does a nice website dictate if someone will or will not do business with us? Not at all but it’s a step closer to having some big shot manager having a “good feeling” on a company that they’ll use.” -Ryan Jester