Case Study: How He Asked


How He Asked

HHA started in 2011 as a way for couples to share their marriage proposal story with their friends and family. We still do that (you can share yours here), but now we have a few other tricks up our sleeve – all proposal (or love) related, of course – too.

Services web design .  logo. rebranding
Markets Special Interest . B2C

Approach to Web Design

The founder of How He Asked, Stacy Tasman, came to Insite as a new St. Louisian and in need of a new look for her booming businesses. The relationship was an easy one to fall into with lead designer and Stacy having similar styles and a love for pastels. Taking the great work that was already provided we designed the website with the user in mind, simple touches to keep them intrigued, and above all allowing the content to speak for itself. How He Asked is a millennials dream. It not only provides fun and inspiring engagements but with the new look we added a ring feature allowing the new bride a way to save her favourite rings and a place or the man to get ideas for proposing.