Case Study: Kate’s Clothes


Kate’s Clothes

Kate’s Clothes is an online encyclopedia of the wardrobe of the Duchess of Cambridge. The website is organized by item of clothing, event, or designer. The website also features a search bar that helps visitors quickly find what they’re looking for. 

Services web design . logo . pr . email marketing 
Markets special interest
This project was a collaborative effort between the client and all departments.


Approach to Web Design

We were approached with a unique concept that we viewed as an exciting challenge. This was a brand new concept, with no website, no logo, and not even a name.

Because the website is very photo-heavy, we needed minimalistic design that would allow the photos to shine and breathe. We incorporated gold acorns and embellishments to add to the elegant and refined image we wanted to convey.

Making something so complex look as simple as it does wasn’t easy, but the final product is very rewarding.



The biggest challenge was how to structure how the outfits and individual clothing would relate to each other. We also needed to consider a detailed filtering system that would be easy to navigate. To solve these issues, we collaborated a lot more than usual. Every department pitched in to lend their ideas of how we would develop something so complex. We also worked with a complicated search and filtering system for the outfits.


This was a unique project that challenged us to go above and beyond for the client.