Case Study: Meg and Peg


Meg and Peg

Meg and Peg specialize in monogrammed and personalized gifts for every reason and season. Meg and Peg came to us looking for a way to jumpstart their monogramming business through a fresh new brand. Although they had an existing website, they were interested in taking it a step further to contend with their competitors.

While developing their logo and color palette, we took their target market, their competitors, and their personal tastes into consideration. The result was a design that was bold, bright, and colorful. When applying this to their new website, we really wanted to let their products shine. We found a balance by making subtle uses of their colorful palette.


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Meg and Peg’s promoted pins have had more than 1 million views.

Approach to Digital Marketing

While building the site, we had to implement the WooCommerce plugin to enable online transactions.

Because Meg and Peg operate almost exclusively online, building brand awareness is an essential part of our digital marketing strategy. We consistently write and optimize blog posts to maximize SEO. We also put together and execute holiday and sale campaigns through paid advertising and social media. We help execute email marketing campaigns to foster customer loyalty and build brand awareness.

We also manage their paid advertising on a monthly basis. Meg and Peg do have some in-person events, so we help to maximize those opportunities through social media and email marketing.

Meg and Peg have received orders from all over the country as a result of our digital marketing efforts.

Approach to Web Design

Meg and Peg had a website, but they wanted to update the functionality of the site to include e-commerce. They were also looking to update their logo and take their business to the next level. They wanted something colorful but that wouldn’t overshadow their products, so we used bold colors sparingly.

We paid special attention to the e-commerce functionality and the amount of personalization options for each products, including colors, patterns, and monograms.

During the implementation of the website, we realized that some of the placement sections didn’t make sense, so we moved the social icons to the header so they were visible on every page. A search option was added to the footer instead of the navigation bar.

Because we started from the beginning with their image, we were able to create a very cohesive website.

Since beginning work with Insite Advice, Meg and Peg have had more than 5,000 visitors to their site in six months.