Case Study: Rent Luggage

Rent Luggage

We are an e-commerce rental shop that allows you to rent tools to explore the world for a fraction of the cost compared to buying new. Our mission is to save you time, money, and headaches so you can have longer vacations, better memories and more friends. With over 50 different rental items selected from years of traveling the world, we’ve learned EXACTLY what it takes for you to have a fun trip at the best price possible.

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Rent Luggage is such an amazing way to travel but the site was cluttered and confusing. With a cleaner and more efficient design we were able to provide a more streamlined process for their clients.

Approach to Web Design

In order stay within budget and the timeline Insite Advice started with simply rebranding the logo. From that they were able to see the rest of the site come together, with a fresh color scheme that offered an outdoors feel. New type to convey the utmost professionalism and trust each client receives. And a lot of prep work, re-organizing, arranging, and renewing content pushed Rent Luggage into the spotlight it deserved.


Working with a client (Rent Luggage) that was as organized and timely as Insite Advice helped the entire process run smooth.