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PR & Content Marketing

Fresh, relevant content is one of the most important ranking and company visibility factors and is continuing to grow. Our team will assist you in regularly creating timely and relevant optimized content. These opportunities help bolster customer loyalty, brand reputation and search engine ranking.

The main objective of content marketing is to answer questions customers might have and provide content relevant to their needs. Building content is all about what the customer needs to know and is designed to engage their attention while still faithfully representing your brand.

Content can come in many forms, including blogs, info-graphics, videos, tutorials, white papers, brochures, surveys and more.

Public relations content typically comes in the form of a press release, which is distributed to respected journalists and influencers in your industry. The purpose of a PR is to raise awareness about what’s going on within your business and to build up your reputation with the public through outside content (articles or videos produced by media outlets in newspaper, TV, radio, etc.).

Through our partnership with Release Wire, we are able to provide our clients an exceptional opportunity in press release distribution. Your releases could be prominently featured on Google News, Yahoo News and hundreds of major news and regional outlets. Additionally, we have the media database subscription that allows us to directly target hundreds of industry specific journalists to your releases.

Creating engaging and relevant is difficult, which is why Insite Advice is armed with a creative team of professional, award-winning journalists with real-life media and marketing experience. They know how to create eye-catching, meaningful content relevant to your customers’ needs. They have mastered media distribution to key influencers, are equipped with valuable built media connections and have insight into how to successfully promote your content across multiple platforms.

A content marketing strategy is built on a client-by-client basis and works hand-in-hand with your social media strategy and business philosophy. Our creative team researches your business, your competitors, and your industry thoroughly to make sure they know what your customers want. We work one-on-one with you and your sales team to create content that will not only increase brand awareness but also increase bottom line sales.

Our Content Marketing

  • Monthly meetings with clients to assess and discuss sales results, content ideas and social campaigns
  • Organize social campaigns and monthly content
  • Track all content with measurable results using Google Analytics, reportable press release distribution systems and automated social distribution platform
  • Check in with client when creating content to ensure brand reputation and customer relevance
  • Discuss, design and begin creating content one month or months ahead so as to have a folder of ready-to-use content
  • Promote content through social campaign
  • Build specific content pieces that take advantage of current social trends such as holidays, seasons or cultural news.

We track content to obtain measurable results and through Google analytics, our content specialists are able to easily adjust their content strategy as needed so as to take advantage of top hitting keywords, popular business products and services, relevant holidays, seasonal themes and changing customer activity.

Online Advertising (PPC)

Online advertising is fast becoming the go-to-platform in this digital marketing age as customers’ online presence continues transforms their shopping tendencies from in-store to on-demand. A successful online campaign is built off targeted keywords, engaging and relevant content, creative verbiage and sales knowledge. Working with a firm who is able to build a brand new campaign or optimize an existing one is the key to competing successfully in online advertising platforms. And, with the ability to promote your business through Google, Facebook, Twitter and more, it’s important to have experts at the helm.

Pay-per-click advertising is designed to get conversions and develop leads into profitable customers. Built off researched and carefully targeted keywords, our experts are able to manage advertising accounts and adjust them on an ongoing basis to meet your business goals within your budget. A good pay-per-click campaign reaches the customers you want to find, gains conversions on an ongoing basis and helps drive sales.

Online campaigns are built through AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote products and services, raise brand awareness, inform and engage new or current customers and ultimately drive sales and profits. Not every platform is appropriate for every business, so our experts work with you to determine the best strategy.

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