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Founded in 1993 by veteran attorney Susan Hais. Hais, Hais & Goldberger, P.C. is known for its work in complex divorce litigation. Such cases involve evaluation of businesses, corporations, and professional practices, as well as the division of pensions and appraisals of real estate. The firm often handles child custody problems which involve psychological or psychiatric consultation and the use of vocational experts in resolving maintenance and support issues.

“We formed a firm devoted entirely to family law,” says Susan Hais, “because family law is complex. General practice firms are not equipped to handle the emotional needs of clients or their children. We have created a firm where our clients feel comfortable during stressful and emotional times, where we have a ready list of experts in case clients need psychological assistance or help with their children, and where we work to forge agreements that meet each family’s specific needs.”

The firm consists of seven attorneys aided by experienced legal assistants and other attentive support. We have served a large number of distinguished families in a confidential and comfortable setting for many years assisting and advising them to ensure the best possible position to negotiate a settlement or present a case to court.